We're All Crazy! It's Not a Competition!

So, I’ve been MIA because I’ve been catching up on a few tv series that I’ve never seen AND reading smut.  For now, I’ll focus on one of my new loves, Supernatural.

Cue Angels Singing - pic by vampiric-time-lord

Cue Angels Singing, Ahhhhh!       ~ pic by vampiric-time-lord at DeviantArt

@SurgicallyAlteredChick has been trying to convince me for YEARS to watch this show, but I seriously was like MEH!  I gave no fucks about paranormal crap and usually try to avoid scary shit as much as possible. Besides, wasn’t giving into Twilight and Buffy & Angel, and then Trueblood enough Sci-Fi? My body can only take so much!!  I’m totally in denial.


How have I denied my inner sci-fi nerd SO MUCH!?

So, I gave myself a 6 month subscription to Netflix a few months ago and went trollin’ for something to watch.  I scrolled past Supernatural so many times it’s not even funny, but two bad movies later, I gave in and reluctantly decided to give Supernatural a go.  Holy Shit Balls!  The first two seasons seriously scared the shit out of me. I felt out of my element, and while I was enjoying it thoroughly, I was still questioning whether I really could continue watching, because it seriously was giving me the heebie-jeebies.

Oh the Hawtness AND Felicia Fuckin' Day!!

Oh the Hawtness AND Felicia Fuckin’ Day!!

Oh, but I stayed and how thankful I am!  I was no longer terrified every episode after the second season. I have no idea if it there was a style change or if I just became numb to watching all my irrational fears play out on tv.  AND, no one bothers to tell me that Felcia Fuckin’ Day (Charlie) becomes semi-regular and that I’d fall in love with all of the cast, not to mention Jensen Ackles leaves me breathless! Ho-Boy!



See, my friend SAC always talked about Jared Padalecki’s character (Sam) and how she calls him “hot Dean” since we will always know him only as Dean from the Gilmore Girls (Holla!). But, fuck that noise! I was never hawt for ol’ Deano, so that shit wasn’t sellin’.  Now, Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) on the other hand…



And then throw in Felcia Fuckin’ Day

That's Right, Bitches!

That’s Right, Bitches!

And the rest of the crew

found on Google Images, but comes from here

found on Google Images, but comes from here

What is there not to love?! I devoured all 7 seasons in a week and then caught up on this year’s 8th season. Wow…just…WOW!  I dunno what’s wrong with your sales pitchin’ SAC, but I never expected the awesomeness that is Supernatural! I absolutely can’t wait for season 9 to start in the fall and am sooo pissed that I haven’t been watching all along. C’est la vie

What about you? Are you Team Dean or Team Sam? Or, do you want to saddle up with Charlie in Moondoor or Team Assbutt, I mean Castiel (Misha Collins)? There are soo many more awesome characters as well, just look here!

Good Night, Bitches!

Good Night, Bitches!

I never stay caught up with any shows. I always have to DVR everything and am usually seasons behind, but this spring I’ve totally caught up on Glee! AND JAKE PUCKERMAN OMFG!!


Hey Baby, how you doin’?  source

But, before I go on, Glee is a kind of double-edged sword for me (or would that be a jagged little pill?), making it one of my guilty pleasures.  I’m a total sucker for a duet and absolutely cave for a capella of all sorts, which is why I truly am in love with NBC’s The Sing-Off (which is a true a cappella competition headed up by Ben folds, so that just does me in doubly, bt dubbs), but that’s another post entirely.  BUT anyway, Glee isn’t a cappella, DAMMIT!  There aren’t supposed to be any instruments involved, let alone autotune.  I get that the producers/creators/network want it to sound and look polished or whatever, but it just defeats the whole effin’ purpose of giving a voice to glee clubs around the nation.  I probably could handle it better if they pre-recorded the shit out the songs just to ensure quality….  but, I mean, the whole point is the thrill of knowing that people make all of the sounds/music that comes together into a song without any instruments!  And the “woah, how’d they make it sound like that with just their mouths/bodies?!” Yar!

That being said…I pretty much have watched Glee purely for the entertainment value and because I hope it will get better and cuz I just think Darren Criss is wonderful as Blaine, so he keeps bringing me back for more.  But this season,  the new Puckerman (Jacob Artist) has been catching my eye and this last episode just DID ME IN!  I’ve really liked how his and Marley’s relationship has developed because I’m a cheeseball like that, giving me some feelin’s for him.  Now, after watching his performance of My Prerogative, well…just see for yourself!

I just can’t stop watching!  The footwork is just mesmerizing to me and then throw in his charming smile….  Dude was accepted into Juilliard for dancing and turned it down for Glee, and here, it shows!  He’s just a great performer, like Darren I guess.  And, so I guess I’ll be forever caught in Glee’s web, at least as long as either of those two stay on the show.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Kurt and Artie too, oh and “pouty trout mouthed” Sam, but they aren’t enough for me.  Mama wants more Darren and Jacob!

Of course, I can’t leave out that the Twilight h00r in me really started loving Jake with this rendition of A Thousand Years by Christina Perri that he sang with Marley (well I guess also because it’s a duet *swoon*).

See what I mean?!  What’s your guilty pleasure?

Have a great feckin’ weekend, betches!


I’m so far behind on my pop culture that the most recent thing I did was watch ALL of the seasons of Being Human UK (yes even this season which we can’t watch in America until this summer). What? All season 5 episodes are on youtube! Scoff if you must!


I must say that the original trio were my fav, but eventually the new trio grew on me. Why the hell did they have to go and cancel it?!


Original uhh Quartet, I guess. :)


Seriously Love me some Mitchell!

I know Aiden Turner leaving is what changed everything up, but I still thought the new characters grew on everyone and had more stories to tell. Yar!  Is the US version any good.  It’s not available on Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus for free, so I’m holding out. But, tell me, is it even worth it??

What should I watch next?  Thinking about Watching all of the seasons of Doctor Who or Sherlock.  I finally finished season 1 of Downton Abbey and have started on the 2nd, but I need something else. :)


**Mitchell’s Being Human pic is from the BBC America website and the other pix are from a google image search.